Matt on Film: The Raft

The Raft: Still 1

I spent the weekend before last in Fall River, MA, home of several Korean War vintage U.S. Navy ships, including the destroyer USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. I was there to shoot a flashback/dream sequence for The Raft, an independent short film directed by Robert Jones.

The movie stars Ed Asner (!) as a grandfather who tells his grandson about a particular incident in WWII. The grandson then imagines the incident as his grandfather has told it, but with himself in his grandfather’s role as Captain. New Haven friends and NHTC regulars Peter Chenot and Christian Shaboo were in the scene with me, and we had more bonding experiences than we’d ever imagined—or wanted—as we stayed awake for two 6pm–6am working “days”, explored Newport, RI (I’d never been) during the downtime, and drove home to New Haven at 5am on a Tuesday.

Here are a few more pictures (click for larger versions):

The Raft: Candid 1 The Raft: Candid 2 The Raft: Candid 3

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