Returning to the Ancestral Homeland

Though I’ve announced this in several places (Facebook, Twitter), I haven’t really made the update here… Earlier this year I accepted an offer of admission to the graduate acting program at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television. It’s a 3-year M.F.A. program, and it means that almost 11 years after moving to New Haven, I’m headed home to Southern California.

I’m really excited about the program. Living on the east coast, I wasn’t really aware of it. (Their showcase is just in Los Angeles and I gather that most of the graduates stay there—and why not?) I was more aware of UCLA as a film school.

But they kindly offered to fly me out for a tour after I was admitted, and I was blown away by the talent of the students, the quality of the instruction (srsly… I sat in some absolutely incredible acting classes), and how nice and welcoming everyone was.

So. I’m bidding farewell to the East Coast, and, for the most part, bidding farewell to life as a working actor (there won’t be any time for it amid what I’m told is a very intense schedule. Except for summers.)

This site and mailing list will probably become much less of a brochure site/blog for my acting career and more of a lifestream aggregating the various things I do all around the internet. (Here’s the prototype.) I hope you’ll stay subscribed to the RSS feed or mailing list, which will probably be updated a little more often. I hope you’ll stay in touch. And if you happen to be in the LA area, I hope you’ll stop by!

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